Save Many Lives With Automatic External Defibrillators

One of the leading causes of death in the United States is heart disease. Due to this, experts have developed devices and discovered medications to help reduce deaths and cope with this disease.Read more about  Automatic External Defibrillators  at  aeds   . Many individuals in this nation suffer from some cardiovascular disease, and there are numerous forms of it.
A sudden heart attack causes lots of deaths. The major cause of a sudden cardiac arrest is attributed to ventricular fibrillation which is a heart rhythm which is not normal. When this occurs, it stops the blood flow to the vital organs, the brain, and cells. One requires immediate assistance to restore the normal rhythm of the heart. This is where automatic external defibrillators also referred to as AEDs come in. When patients suffer from fibrillation, doctors treat them with defibrillation immediately, and they can survive. If an individual who is at home, or any other place other than a hospital suffers from abnormal heart rhythms, they can die if they are not treated with defibrillation. Each minute that ventricular fibrillation takes place lowers the chance of resuscitation by nearly ten percent. If it reaches the ten-minute mark, the chances of resuscitation are gone.
Luckily, in the 1980s, the automated external defibrillators were invented to save lives for those not in the hospital environment.Read more about  Automatic External Defibrillators     at  aeds   . The device might read the rhythm of a person's heart, and if it is not normal, it can perform a defibrillation shock automatically with little help by the operator. The automated external defibrillators were first utilized by EMS experts and in ambulances so that they could revive the patient before reaching the hospital. This saved numerous lives due to the fast response in less than ten minutes.
Another measure in the use of automated external defibrillators was the public access defibrillation. It was discovered that the right use of these automated external defibrillators could be taught easily and performed by the general public. In a few public places, there were automated external defibrillators mounted on walls which an individual could use if someone had a cardiac arrest. Such places could be a train station, airport, shopping mall or other busy places. But, different states have varying rules about the use of automated external defibrillators. They could request more formal training among several other reasons. However, the use of these defibrillators by any person that can save a life is the most important use of the PADs.
One only needs to switch the AED on using a button. A voice which is computerized will guide you on how to use it.Learn more from